Creating a vibrant Australian community energy sector

Funding C4CE

Growing the Australian Community Energy Sector

The Coalition for Community Energy has been established to collaboratively grow the Australian Community Energy Sector.  To do this takes resourcing.  That is why we have pulled together a C4CE funding prospectus and a number of supporting documents.  The C4CE funding prospectus outlines the nine strategic initiatives that the C4CE Steering Group feel are most important for addressing the biggest challenges facing the community energy projects and the community energy sector today.  Specifically, C4CE is seeking $100,000 for backbone support funding for the C4CE Secretariat to progress this priority agenda in 2015. If you are interested in supporting C4CE please contact:

  • Nicky Ison at the C4CE Secretariat on secretariat@c4ce.net.au, 0402 0345 80, or
  • Bruce Thompson, C4CE Steering Group member and representative from the Moreland Energy Foundation on bruce@mefl.com.au, 0400 628 600

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