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Join the Board of the Coalition for Community Energy and make a difference in creating a renewable future. C4CE plays a very important role in growing and strengthening the community energy sector in Australia and the Board is essential to this task. We are looking for people with passion to provide leadership and governance oversight to drive the community energy sector in an exciting time of change.

Fill in the online form or below (Deadline 13th Jan) to nominate for the C4CE Board and you are encouraged to nominate for committees as well or instead

Please read the full PDF (or word) describing us and the role. You can fill in the online form, the form below or the Word version and submit by 13th January 2019  (email to

Gavin Ashley – 0405 324 167 or Vikki McLeod – 0427 845 622 would love to chat to you about joining and what’s involved.

You can nominate for any of the following:

  • Board
  • Governance Committee
  • Membership and Communications Committee
  • Research Committee
  • Congress Committee
  • Other volunteering

Community Energy Drinks 2018

To round out a busy 2018 we will be holding drinks and online events across the country on or soon after Wednesday 12th December. Come along to celebrate achievements in the last 12 months, hear about how you could get more involved in C4CE’s committee and make or renew some industry connections that will kick start a great 2019 for community energy.

Find an Event Near you:

  • Adelaide: Wednesday 12th Dec. 6pm-8pm, Kings Head Backstage area, 357 King William St, Adelaide. contact: heather[at] RSVP on Facebook
  • Melbourne: 6 – 8 pm on Tuesday 18th December, Bar Carlo, 20 Meyers Place (off Bourke St), Melbourne 3000. contact: gavinmashley[at] Event on Facebook
  • Sydney: 6pm Thursday 20th December, venue: TBC near Central Station,  contact: Jonathan Prendergast. RSVP and Updated details on Facebook

Organise an Event:

  • If you’d like to meet your local community energy peeps, book a place and time, invite your mates, let us know and we will publicise it here.

Join an Event but stay at home:

  • South Australia: Once we have drinks in hand (6:30pm) we will open up the Zoom meeting, make introductions and share our news with whoever turns up: zoom meeting ID email: heather[at] for more Zoom details.

Ulterior Motive

We are refreshing our committee membership and planning for 2019. Connecting with C4CE will give you an opportunity to have your say about what we might achieve at a national level and to discover if you are interested in volunteering in the year ahead.  We will be calling for Expressions of Interest for our committee and sub-committees from 12th December through to 14th January 2019.

Planning for 2019

Our next Congress will be in 2020 so we want to make the most of existing events for promoting community energy in 2019. If you know events we should be thinking about please let us know or provide information directly into our 2019 planner.
We will be trying to amplify the voices of the community energy sector so please make sure you put your group’s social media presence into the planner as well.

Merry Christmas All – Your Advent Calendar

This year we decided to surprise you by introducing you, one day at a time, to 24 of the leaders across our sector. You may have seen the posts appearing daily on our Facebook and Twitter streams and you can enjoy the full Advent Calendar here.

C4CE and Embark join forces

Over the past three years the Coalition for Community Energy has been hosted by the Alternative Technology Association.  C4CE has grown to now more than 90 member organisations and has held two extremely successful Community Energy Congresses. Read more

Project Showcase: Hepburn Wind releases Community Green offset product

Australia’s flagship community energy project is 5 years old and they continue to innovate (and to pump out clean energy from wind).  “Community Green” is Hepburn Wind’s carbon offset program based on businesses, organisations and individuals purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) generated by the two wind turbines.  The best bit? – they extinguish the certificates, creating more demand for renewable energy in the energy market.

Find out more

As mentioned, Hepburn is 5 years old and they tell us they’ve created 50,000,000kWh of clean energy, harvested from the wind just outside Daylesford in Victoria.


Project Showcase: Impact of CORENA’s revolving fund

CORENA has just completed its 13th project, 6kW solar for Kulchajam at Byron Bay, and are halfway through funding a large solar project for Tastex, a Tassie knitwear factory that employs people with a disability.  CORENA punching out new project almost isn’t news anymore, so we’re reporting on what their unique revolving fund means in practice.

We all understand intuitively that a revolving fund means money is used again later on in other projects and should make it easier to fund subsequent projects, but how much benefit is it actually? Obviously it will vary depending on project size and the amount of time between projects, but the chart below shows what has happened so far for CORENA projects. The chart represents a total of $127,325 of newly donated funds and a total of $42,536 in loan repayments to date.


The table below shows is a screen-shot from CORENA’s newly released Impact Calculator and shows how much benefit has been achieved so far from a donation of $100 to either of the first two CORENA projects. Neither has finished repaying its interest-free loan yet, but the impact of the original $100 has roughly doubled already. How? Direct loan repayments from Project 1, for example, have helped fund many subsequent projects, but in addition, at least some ‘Project 1 money’ has also been in loan repayments from those subsequent projects.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 7.28.40 AM

So far 83% of the money originally donated to Project 1 has been used a second time via direct loan repayments from Project 1. However, some of the money originally donated to Project 1 has now been used 3 or even more times. Project 1 money accounted for 14% of the loan repayments from Project 2, 4% of repayments from Project 3,  and 1.5%, 2%, 2%, and 0.3% respectively of repayments from Projects 4, 5, 7, and 11.


Of course, even after both projects have finished repaying their loans, and even after those projects reach the end of their lifespan, that $100 will continue to be used again and again, so the growth in impact is primarily just a function of time.

Project showcase: Tyalgum Energy Projects – bike launch

T10974560_1565416367008718_1172974369510152416_oyalgum is situated in far northern New South Wales and the Tyalgum Energy Project has ambitious plans for powering their town with renewable energy.  The clever people behind the project have a strong desire to bring the whole town on the journey with them and they plan to create universal support among the town’s 120 households.  To achieve this the group plans to have small but meaningful developments along the path to their ultimate goal.

This weekend, Tyalgum Energy Project will be launching their electric bike facility. After a sponsorship from Dyson Bikes, the project was able to purchase 5 electric bikes and has established a stand-alone charging station using solar and batteries.

The electric bike station will be located next to the heritage listed General Store, with the launch taking place between 11am and 2pm  and will be run alongside the monthly Tyalgum Village Markets. It will be a great opportunity to check out the village, the project and take a little ‘spin’ on the newest bikes on the block.

Andrew Price, Kacey Clifford, along with Patrick Bergeron and a select group of community members have been having regular monthly meetings and working together to research solutions for the community. The project now has Patrick as a full time engineer and has been positively progressing with solar systems about to be installed on roofs in the next couple of months.

Project showcase: Renewable Newstead

Hats off to the folk behind Renewable Newstead who earlier this year signed an historic agreement with the Victorian network operator Powercor to support its transition to 100 per cent renewable, locally generated energy. The Memorandum of Understanding is the first major step for Renewable Newstead towards realising its plan of making the regional Victorian town 100 per cent renewable by 2021 via a purpose built community-scale grid.

According to the MOU with Newstead, Powercor will support the town by providing industry know-how on such matters as the energy load profile, grid stability and reliability, financial modelling, and other technical advice. The agreement comes one year after the Victorian government provided $200,000 in grant funding to the Newstead group for regional community-led clean energy development.

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