Webinar Series 2018

The Coalition for Community Energy (C4CE) is excited to run another series of webinars after our 2017 webinars showcased many of the questions in the small scale solar guide with answers and real life examples from our member groups.

The webinars run from 6pm to 7 pm on Tuesdays during September, October and November 2018 and are generally related to the great work of our community energy groups.

Recording webinars: We recommend you attend these event when they occur. However, for those who can’t make it to a particular webinar we will be recording them and publishing them at a later date. To be informed when a recording is available for a particular webinar, please register for that webinar.

Webinar Series Spring 2018

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Date and Time Topic Registration / or click to view video
25 September 2018 Enova’s fundraise and their ambition to bring community owned energy retailing to all of us.

Video and Q&A and our slides from the night can be downloaded here.

Enova offer: www.crowd88.com/en/company/enova-energy/tab/enova-offer/

Enova main site: https://enovaenergy.com.au/

9 October 2018 CORENA presents… Andrew Stock and the politics of climate and energy.

Video and our slides from the night can be downloaded here.

16 October 2018 MEFL SPARK Conference including Renewable Energy Advocate Simon Corbell. Insights from the conference and all the work we need to do now. See all the presentations on the MEFL website: www.mefl.com.au/our-work/spark-conference-2018/

Video and our slides from the night can be downloaded here.

23 October 2018 Pingala‘s Pre Power One initiative, the support it needs to succeed and how it could transform the relationship electricity customers have with the grid. Register here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_SpslyXHURPG5qGQzQIps6g
30 October 2018 Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) Zero Carbon Communities, and the work they are doing on community emissions profiles – (help them design the tool, please fill in their survey) Register here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_-Md6YsDAQBOVxsF23UxuBQ
6 November 2018 Revolving Funds Rock! 

Hear from CORENA and COREM. Both organisations are starting to see real momentum from their revolving funds – CORENA loves the concept so much it thinks every local council should have one. Find out how you can start using our funds or start your own.

Register here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_YKSnaLH4Q9qHJor0Ls1Rvg
13 November 2018 Upper Yarra community hydro.

The Upper Yarra community energy group is about launching its run-of-the-river hydro power station near Warburton. You can see the timelapse videos here. Come and talk to the project architects and partners.

Register here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_W3U34OxRRNa12OBvYH4s5A