Support grassroots energy change makers and sponsor the 2024 Community Energy Congress!

The Community Energy Congress is the seminal community energy event in Australia by the Coalition for Community Energy (C4CE) in collaboration with Community Power Agency.

2024 is a crucial time for communities to assert their role in creating our future energy system. This event will bring together over 500 stakeholders from across Australia to:

  • Be inspired to create change in their communities;
  • Develop pathways for communities, companies, and local and state government to collaborate;
  • Learn from successful community energy case studies;
  • Share information and strategies about overcoming barriers and realising opportunities;
  • Consolidate and coordinate efforts across the nation; and
  • Foster new networks and relationships.

The Congress will be 2-day event with a number of side-events held before and after the Congress, including trainings, master classes and field trips.

Why sponsor this event?

The Community Energy Congress 2024 will provide a valuable opportunity for your organisation to demonstrate its support for community energy and to raise the profile of your activities in clean energy.

Sponsoring this unique event offers you a prime opportunity to:

  • Connect with a huge number of community leaders interested in developing relationships for shared impact (the 2017 event attracted over 600 attendees)
  • Understand the motivations, solutions and challenges of communities in the renewable energy space
  • Enhance your position as a leader in building the future energy system
  • Be part of a movement of innovators

If you would like to partner with us, please reach out to our Congress Organiser, Eleanor Buckley –