C4CE is simply a system of coordinating member collaboration with the goal of creating a vibrant community energy sector and movement throughout Australia.

The big-picture benefit of becoming a member is being directly involved with creating the community energy sector. In this way more community energy projects, including yours, can succeed.

The more practical and immediate benefits of membership are being able to access technical and specialist knowledge with peers and service providers and build your networks in ways that benefit your community energy projects and priorities. Building skills and knowledge at the National Congress is a great example of this benefit.

Membership of C4CE is open, inclusive (non-discriminatory) and voluntary to any organisation, group, agency or project. Each Member needs to demonstrate its genuine involvement with community energy and its commitment to a vibrant community energy sector in Australia.

The benefits of becoming a Member of C4CE are:

  • Participation in knowledge-sharing and capacity-building activities for community energy and C4CE facilitated collaboration across the sector
  • Access to the C4CE online community
  • Involvement in C4CE Strategic Initiatives and access to C4CE resources
  • Joining with and supporting a growing and coordinated voice to better advocate for the needs of the sector and have greater influence on the development of the sector