As we work through the merger of Embark and C4CE we have a steering committee of workers making sure our new foundations are solid and we continue to play an important role in growing the community energy sector:

  • Donna Luckman (ATA)
  • Taryn Lane (Hepburn Wind)
  • Gavin Ashley (formerly MEFL)

are the new office holders of Embark, and we will be recruiting a full board at our next AGM. They are joined by:

  • Tom Nockolds (CPA / Pingala)
  • Vikki McLeod (a number of Qld and NT groups)
  • Heather Smith (CORENA)
  • Adrian Ford
  • Declan Kuch (Pingala)
  • Angela Johnstone
  • Manny Pasqualini (MEFL)

feel free to reach out to any of us or contact