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C4CE Role

C4CE is set up as a collective impact coalition, as such its role in supporting initiatives of member groups and community energy projects generally,is :

  • C4CE assists member groups to communicate their initiatives and their requests for assistance. We also provide a contact point through the Secretariat which can provide information resources and refer groups to organisations that might be able to help progress projects.
  • If a community energy project or initiative is a collaboration between two or more members of C4CE they may request C4CE to adopt the project as a Strategic Initiative of C4CE. Approved Strategic Initiatives receive the following benefits and support:
    • Support of the Secretariat and the Strategic Initiative Sub-Committee to develop the proposal, including sector expertise, alignment with what is already happening and suggestions of appropriate organisations to collaborate.
    • Support of Secretariat to help fundraise for the initiative – noting that strategic initiative leaders will have to lead the fundraising effort.
    • Brand use of C4CE once approved (with the necessary disclaimer that this initiative does not necessarily represent the views of all C4CE members)
    • Access to the C4CE Auspice arrangement with ATA if desirable.

See more about C4CE Strategic Initiatives at –

Disclaimer: C4CE encourages community renewable energy initiatives by our members and other community groups. We are unable to endorse or validate any financial or technical claims by members, non-members or project operators generally or take responsibility for any loss or prejudice incurred as a result of those claims. Before relying on any material, claims, offerings or invitations, users should evaluate their accuracy, currency, completeness and relevance for their purposes, and should obtain appropriate professional advice relevant to their particular circumstances.