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The Secretariat is accountable to the Steering Group and is responsible for executive support and the day-to-day coordination and administration of C4CE’s Strategic Initiatives and Support Systems.

The Secretariat performs a range of functions which are essential to the effectiveness of the collaborative work by the Members.

The functions of the Secretariat are to:

  • guide the development of a shared vision and strategy and work with members to align strategic initiatives with the shared strategy
  • work with the Steering Group and Strategic Initiative Working Groups to secure sufficient resources (including funding) for C4CE to support its goals
  • provide coordination support to the governance processes of the C4CE, including preparation of Steering Group meeting agendas, business papers, including performance reporting from Strategic Initiatives, keep minutes, prepare the Annual Operations Plan and Annual Report
  • facilitate the preparation of proposed Strategic Initiatives for the Steering Group and support the set-up and functioning of the Strategic Initiatives Working Groups as needed
  • manage the internal communications channels of C4CE
  • represent C4CE as agreed
  • facilitate the induction of Members
  • coordinate the monitoring and evaluation of C4CE and its impact
  • provide additional administrative services as approved by the Steering Group such as personnel, financial management, legal assistance and development of policy positions.

Interim Secretariat

During this initial period of formalising C4CE’s establishment, the role of the Secretariat has been performed by Community Power Agency.