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The Coalition for Community Energy been working with Dr Helen Haines, Independent federal member for Indi in north east Victoria and local community energy advocates, in the development of  a plan for community energy for Australia. The community co-design process lead to the development of  a national policy to accelerate community energy especially in regional Australia called the Local Power Plan.

The Plan will deliver lower power bills, stronger energy security, new jobs and more opportunities for the people and communities of rural and regional Australia.

To everyone who believes the future of our regions will be based on the clean industries of the 21st century, the Local Power Plan offers a practical way to make that happen.

It involves three schemes delivered by a new entity, the Australian Local Power Agency (ALPA):

  1. The Local Power Scheme will support communities to develop their own energy projects;
  2. The Underwriting New Community Investment scheme will underwrite locally-owned mid-scale projects;
  3. The Community Renewable Investment Scheme will enable local communities to co-invest in new large-scale projects.

Get active

Read the the local power plan be going to:

Help advocate for the Local Power Plan by using the resources on the Campaign Toolkit page.

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