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Advocating for Community Energy

By 16/09/2019October 7th, 2020No Comments

Have you ever thought of approaching your local member to support community energy?

The programs that have been delivered by governments, particularly in NSW and Victoria, have grown out of many conversations between community energy advocates, MPs, Ministers and their advisers.

Every conversation counts and helps build an awareness of the benefits community energy. We are local, and we’ve shown our communities what an energy transition can look like in reality. We can take credit for starting important conversations about making our energy future work for everyone.

In Victoria we’ve congratulated the Government on the work they’ve done so far and advocated for:

  • A community energy target
  • A smart energy communities program
  • A solar-for-all program

Read our 2019 C4CE submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Tackling Climate Change in Victorian Communities for more information.

In South Australia we’ve highlighted that the government has only offered minimal support to date and is missing out on unlocking community action. We’ve asked for a deliberate conversation, possibly through a Parliamentary Friends forum, with the view to committing to a longer term community energy program.

Feel free to use our word document (Community Energy for SA support) as a template if you are talking to politicians about community energy.